All artwork for the game will either be created by the lead artist, Josh Wunderly, or in the case of interface artwork such as menu screens and buttons, may be created by one of the other team members.


Unless otherwise specified, images will be saved as .png images, and animations will have each frame arranged in an evenly spaced horizontal strip.

  • Game Logo
  • UI Screens
    • Main Menu
    • Level Select
    • How to Play
    • Win screen
    • Credits
    • Button background
  • Backgrounds
    • Static sky background
    • Parallaxed environment layers
  • Particles
    • Burst trail particle - trails behind the player while bursting
    • Player charge particle - radiates from the player while they're charged
  • Player (all animations are 8 frames unless specified otherwise)
    • Run left animation
    • Run right animation
    • Jump/midair sprite
    • Idle animation
    • Death animation (after colliding with hazard)
    • Burst animation
  • Level
    • Walls/Hazards graphics layer for each level
    • Magnetic point object


Fonts are to be kept in .ttf format for rendering with the freetype library.

  • Chintzy CPU BRK - menu titles and buttons
  • Calibri - In-game text

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