The player can use traditional platforming mechanics, i.e. moving left/right and jumping, but they can also "burst", moving quickly in any direction. Bursting in conjunction with jumping allows the player to cover much longer distances, rapidly change direction mid-air, and quickly traverse the level.

Magnetic interaction will also be a primary movement factor in the game. Magnetic objects in the level will push away other magnetic objects with the same charge, and pull objects with the opposite charge towards them. Another way the player can move through the world is by manipulating their own magnetic charge.

Other objects in the game will either move along pre-determined paths, if moving platforms and objects are determined to be a valuable addition, or following traditional rigid-body physics.


Burst Count: The player will only be able to burst a limited number of times before they can't anymore, these will be reset when the player makes contact with the ground.

Charge: The player can temporarily set their personal magnetic charge, which only lasts for a short time before running out and has a cooldown period before it can be used again.

Winning and LosingEdit

See Game Flow

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