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Welcome to the Project Data Mage WikiEdit

This is the Game Design Wiki for the DigiPen sophomore game "Project Data Mage", being developed by Team Ghost Drive for GAM200 over the 2013 school year.

Team Ghost Drive is:

  • Randall Boone (RTIS) - Graphics and UI Programmer
  • Chris Dauchot (RTIS) - Physics and Logic Programmer
  • Jay Dilley (BSGD) - Producer, Engine Architecture, Lua Programmer
  • Shaina Anderson (RTIS) - Artist and Sound Programmer
  • Sean Riley (BSGD) - Level Designer


Project Data Mage is a 2D side-scrolling platformer where the player uses electricity-themed movement abilities to explore and survive in a digital world. The player jumps and moves in quick bursts, avoiding deadly hazards and using electromagnetic charge to temporarily cling to walls or pull themselves towards magnetic points in the level.

For more information on the specifics of Data Mage's design, please see the Index.

Latest activityEdit

Scuzzy the Ghost Drive

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